PRIMO XL 單槍面用龍頭




品名 : PRIMO XL 單槍面用龍頭

型號 : 4956.2203

產品特色 :

  • 連接尺寸 : G 3 / 8
  • DN尺寸(標稱尺寸): DN15
  • 材質 : 黃銅


It is younger, fresher and more modern than ever, although it is still unmistakably HANSAPOLO. The contemporary design brings the successful fitting up-to-date, without alienating it. With its new, flowing contours and established high-quality chrome-plating, the metal lever attracts particular attention: an object that is as easy on the eye as it is on your hands. The quality of the interior remains unchanged: particularly the uncomplicated, classic control cartridge, which has been tried-and-tested for years, and the dezincification-resistant brass body. “Solidity” is the principle that HANSAPOLO stands for: convincing and consistent.