VIVA 頂噴花灑





品名 : VIVA 頂噴花灑 25cm*25cm

型號 : 0419.0340

產品特色 :

  • 連接尺寸 G1 / 2
  • DN尺寸(標稱尺寸)DN15
  • 長度  350毫米
  • 可旋轉球結,水垢防護技術
  • 材料:黃銅  


HANSASTELA embellishes modern bathrooms with its clean-cut but soft look. At first sight, its design is rather understated. But the combination of joystick control and the wide, rectangular HANSAFLOW spout strike as extraordinary and trendsetting.With its contrasting design vocabulary, HANSASTELA is particularly flexible for the combination with different washbasins and also with a variety of lines from our shower program. This provides plenty of scope for creative design. The technology of HANSASTELA derives from quality, which has always been one of our most important promises.